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Instagram stories are a great way to share quick updates and other people’s posts with friends and f...

Editorial Team Last update: Sep 2023

Instagram stories are a great way to share quick updates and other people’s posts with friends and followers without cluttering their feed, having a dedicated post on your profile, or appearing aggressively salesy as a brand. Stories are often personal or time-sensitive, like a tidy place off to the side of your main feed.

For businesses, they allow you to show your human side authentically, enhancing your brand appeal and engagement rate. A Meta-commissioned survey shows that 33% of Instagram users were interested in a product or service after seeing its Instagram story. This statistic demonstrates just how powerful Instagram stories can be for your marketing strategy.

However, not everyone should see your story. Businesses may want to restrict certain followers from viewing their stories if those people tend to cause trouble or steal content. For everyday users, you may want to share a story without getting a view from a particular individual, whether for privacy reasons or to avoid drama.

The good news is you can hide your story on Instagram, allowing access only to a selected few. Read on to discover how to hide your stories from someone on Instagram.

What is Hide Your Story on Instagram?

Hide Your Story is a privacy setting that lets you conceal your Instagram stories from specific users. You can hide your story on Instagram from one person, multiple people, or everyone.

If you have a public account, everyone can see your stories. However, you may want to hide your stories from non-followers or specific followers without blocking anyone. Here’s where knowing how to hide Instagram stories from someone comes in.

It is important to note that the person you restrict from viewing your stories can see your Instagram profile and posts. The setting only prevents them from seeing your stories until you remove them from the hidden list.